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Γίνε μέλος της οικογένειάς μας!

A team, a family, that will write its own history in Greek football!

Motivated by the undying love for the sport of football and the deep desire to contribute to amateur sports, the Hracles Thermaikou team was created by people with practical experience.

Best Studio Award
Best Studio Award
since 2019

Iraklis Thermaikou

Our purpose

A club, guided by the principles of healthy sportsmanship and noble competition, aims to become an athletic family that will carve its own story in Greek football. Providing suitable training conditions and fostering an excellent collaborative environment, the team ensures the best performance from its football players.

IRAKLIS THERMAIKOU, providing training and competition conditions equivalent to professional levels, has fostered the development of numerous young athletes. Transforming their passion into enjoyment, the club has offered them valuable experiences, allowing them to realize the value and moral satisfaction that comes from rewarding their efforts, hard work, and perseverance.

With prospects of continuous growth and progress, the future for IRAKLIS THERMAIKOU team is to continue serving its primary purpose, expanding its family, and instilling in even more young individuals the eternal pursuit of excellence!

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