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July 8, 2024

An evening dedicated to our sponsors

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In a beautiful evening at the Rooftop Bar & Restaurant of Porto Palace Hotel, Iraklis Thermaikou had the pleasure of hosting its valuable sponsors, to thank them for their undivided support to its work, goals and values.

Connected by our common love for football, we experienced unforgettable moments full of joy, exchanged ideas and committed ourselves to lead Iraklis to a year full of success.

History is not written by people, but by friendships. And Iraklis Thermaikou family is a group of active and enthusiastic people, who will build a strong and competitive team together. Off we go for the new season!

The management of Iraklis Thermaikou said: “Thank you for your valuable support, which is expressed not only through sponsorships, but also through your belief in our values and goals. Our team started with some failures this year, which we have identified and, through corrective actions, we have laid the foundations for a successful new season. A season in which we are committed, with dedication and hard work from the entire team, to build something great, with consistency, hopefully not in the A1 division, but in the 3rd National League”.

The General Manager, Tasos Bakas, said: “Without you and your valuable contribution, nothing would have been possible. We want to promise you that this year will be better than last year! We have laid a solid foundation for the future, we have built a strong team, which has been strengthened with some new players, and together we are going to achieve the goals we have set. But it’s better to talk with actions on the pitch. That is, what we know how to do well. Thank you again.”