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May 2, 2024

Bourkas and Doumas renew for another year

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With great pleasure, the management of Iraklis Thermaikou announces the extension of its cooperation with the coaching duo of Vassilis Bourkas and Tasos Doumas, and thus the two coaches will remain at the helm of the club for the new season in the A1 division of the Greek Football League.

The team has set high goals for the new season, and both coaches have the experience and ability to achieve them. The family of Iraklis Thermaikou wishes them good luck.

The general manager of the team, Tasos Bakas, said: “While the team started the season with high expectations, at some point in the second half of the year, things didn’t go as planned, and what we finally pursued and achieved was to stay in the league. Through corrective measures and the renewal of our partnership with the two coaches, we are laying a solid foundation for everything we want to achieve in the new season. We are very happy to continue with this coaching duo, as we see in their faces that we can achieve everything we are striving for. Of course, with the right player additions.”

Tasos Doumas: “An important role in the renewal played the fact that our views coincide with those of the management and especially with the team’s president. The fact that both sides want the development of Iraklis Thermaikou is very important. Today, Iraklis may be a ‘small shop’, but the management has a long-term goal to turn it into something very big and important. What is certain is that together with the management, we will fight hard to realize the dreams of all of us.”

Vassilis Bourkas: “Amateur football needs people who selflessly offer their help and love to football.  The president of Iraklis Thermaikou is one of them, and everyone involved with the team knows it.  His vision is to take Iraklis to professional levels, a shared vision that Tasos and I share. Our views are the same and we continue to work together to achieve the vision, the rise of Iraklis to professional levels. We want to thank him for the trust he shows us, it takes patience and perseverance from all of us to achieve this goal. There are people close to us who support this effort, dedicating personal time to the team. I hope that in the new season we will be vindicated for our choices and that everyone’s efforts will be rewarded”.