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We are FOX creative, a creative agency providing design services including branding, brand and corporate identity, print and digital design, packaging design and creative direction.

Our philosophy is based on simplicity, functionality, and efficiency, with a strong focus on emotional response. Our design approach is based on thorough research and is synchronized with the goals set for each project.

Our role involves researching, documenting, evaluating, problem-solving and exploiting every opportunity in a constantly evolving and demanding environment, aiming to provide solutions that are not only effective but also enduring over time.

We take pleasure in having collaborated with many companies on various visual branding projects, achieving significant results. Furthermore, we are keen to collaborate with both individuals and small or newly established businesses, with the goal of transforming new ideas into compelling proposals.

FOX Creative
Branding and Design

1, Agiou Filonos str. 54351 Thessaloniki
+30 2311262178